Help #ExposeFakeReviews

Last week, the pro choice community’s Expose Fake Clinics movement held a “week of action”, which apparently just means disparaging crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) for the life-saving work they do. In the course of the last week, activists have left fake reviews for centers all across the country, calling them out for not offering abortions (shocker, right? Centers that offer women real options don’t offer abortion?? Insert thinking face emoji here).¬†This is a violation of Google’s terms of service¬†for reviews. Unless you’re a client, a mere “this clinic is anti-choice!” isn’t allowed.

PLRN is holding a week of activism next week, November 5-12.¬†If you want to help #ExposeFakeReviews, start a Facebook event in your local area and get people to commit to flagging fake reviews left by pro choice activists. If you’re a student, consider contacting your school’s pro life organization and request they host the event. And don’t forget to share the #ExposeFakeReviews hashtag on Twitter!

For more info on flagging reviews, First Image also has a great resource guide.